Friday Fantasy

If life were like that I’d be sitting out in the middle of the wilderness today on this beautiful deck reading and relaxing. Or maybe I’m on a mini writing retreat – yeah, that’s more like it – I’ll be busy revising my novella, Off The Grid. Surrounded by all that glorious nature, I’m sure to be inspired. Oh, I know, I’ll have someone come in and give me a massage right there on the deck after a particularly grueling scene. Because obviously money’s no object! Sounds good, no?

Instead, I’ll be cleaning.

No, no, you say? Go for option number one? If you could see the state of my poor house you’d agree – it has to be done.

So, while I dream of wooded decks I’ll be mopping and scrubbing and doing the necessary. Because that’s what life is all about here at Camp Good today. What’s your Friday fantasy? What’s your reality?

8 thoughts on “Friday Fantasy

  1. Fantasy – somewhere warm and sunny, most likely a margharita or pina colada in my hand, and a good book!

    Reality – spreadsheets, data bases, calls into work to ‘fix’ stuff, waiting confirmation for stuff!

    But at least I’m not cleaning ;)

  2. My Friday Fantasy is sitting on my back porch enjoying the 85 degree day and slight breeze. My faithful dumb blonde Max would be at my side with his head in my lap begging for attention while I blow him off to finish the book I’m reading. I only have 75ish more pages to go. When I’m finished I would open up the house and sit on my couch and continue to work on the cross stitch Christmas stocking I’m making for my son.

    My reality is I’m at work, waiting for my boss to get his stuff done so I have stuff to do. Yuk.

    Happy Friday!

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