Six Sentence Sunday

I’m trying something new and signing up for Six Sentence Sunday. All over the web, writers are posting six sentences, offering a glimpse or a blink, from a novel or work-in-progress. .

I picked Backlash, my romantic suspense novel that releases June 1st from The Wild Rose Press.

He needed to know if she tasted the same. Felt the same. And she was right there. In front of him. All he had to do was bend his head. Just a fraction of a movement and his self-imposed exile would end. 

Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek. If you’re so inclined, use the the link at the top to check out more offerings.

39 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Oh, Karen! What a powerful six! Wow. Just…wow. I can’t wait for June 1. I definitely have BACKLASH on my wish list!

    Oh, and welcome to 6SS! It’s a LOT of fun. I love seeing how folks react to my six while visiting everyone else to see what they’re up to and how many books are going to put a dent in my book budget! 😉

    • Thanks, Silver! I can’t wait to hear what you think. I’m having so much fun reading everyone’s offerings. What a fabulous way to discover new-to-me authors! I’m definitely going to be going on a book buying spree!

    • Hi, Jessica! Glad you found it compelling and thanks for the welcome. Some many talented writers are posting wonderful snippets, yours included. It was my pleasure to visit!

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