Kitchen Renovations are Complete!

We took the plunge and renovated our kitchen this summer. Our old kitchen was dated, having been around since the ’70’s, and not very user friendly. So, we fixed it. Having never undertaken a major renovation before (it turned into more of a whole main floor update), I learned a few things.

Renovations are not fun while you’re living through them, but when you see everything come together the memory of months of disorder magically disappear and you start to wonder what the rest of the house would look like with a little TLC.

I have been a stay-at-home Mom for nineteen years. I spend large parts of my day in the house. It’s very weird to have people who don’t live here coming and going. And what do you do when they’re coming and going all day every day? When you can’t do the things you normally do every day? Like write, or cook or generally putz around? You thank your lucky stars these renovations happened during the summer months. Much easier to be outside somewhere. Any place other than your house. Which is under seige.

We were right to hire a contractor to manage the project. I’m the kind of person who is happy when people like me. This way it wasn’t my job to harass the tradespeople. It was someone else’s. We just stayed out of their way. Someone else was tasked with dealing with the problems. It’s the only way to go.

If you are thinking about getting rid of the dated dirty popcorn stipple on your ceiling? Do it. Even though that was the part of the process that caused the most disruption and proved costly it was so worth it. Do it. You will love the results. I promise.




We love it and that makes the whole experience worth it. It’s open and airy and light. The window coverings are ordered and next we’ll need to start thinking about more artwork for the walls. Then sometime down the road we’ll have to tackle the second floor…

Love renovations? Hate ’em? Have some on the go?

10 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovations are Complete!

  1. Wow – that looks fabulous. And I love the bank of cupboards/pantry along the fridge wall. It does look much more light and airy!

    Renovations – we seem to have done plenty. Nothing in the works right now, but will be tackling the master bedroom ensuite soon. In my experience, though, the kitchen is the worst – thank goodness for take-out menus and BBQs, eh?

    • Thanks, Janet! I can’t imagine doing it in the middle of winter and being stuck in basement. Even though it’s finished, it’s still a basement! Bathrooms aren’t fun either but eventually everything needs updating!

  2. It looks lovely, Karyn. I bet it was a pain to live through, but the results are so worth it.

    We can’t renovate – we rent. Even so, we’ve lived through two different houses getting re-roofed, and other than the noise, it wasn’t so bad. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like having those people inside my home, though. :shudder:

    • Thanks, B.E.! That was the weirdest part. It’s house but they’ve kind of taken over. Plus, I lived in fear of them asking me some technical question I didn’t know the answer to which would lead to the ‘you are such a girl’ look.

  3. It looks beautiful Karyn! I have no major plans for renovations any time soon. The biggest project I have this winter/spring is to paint my office and reorganize it. I’m hoping to get some nice storage and filing cabinets from Ikea once it opens next week. Yes, the new Ikea store, the largest in Canada, at least for the time being, opens on Nov.28! I’m excited, but I probably won’t visit until after Christmas because I think it’s going to be nuts there for awhile. If you want to come to Winnipeg to shop,I’m only a five minute drive from the new store!

    • Thanks, Jana! Oh, Ikea! I love that store. But I think you’re wise to say away, it’s sure to be crazy. Perhaps a trip to the ‘Peg is needed. Jack could go to a hockey game and I could go shopping 😀

    • Thanks, Lisa! I celebrated Thanksgiving in the middle of October as I’m Canadian. I love Thanksgiving and I always get turkey envy this time of year when all my American friends are celebrating 😀 I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

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