A Pair of Pink Sweatpants Hits The Trash

Mr. Jeffries, you may not think we're cool but, believe me, we're okay with that.

Mr. Jeffries, you may not think we’re cool but, believe me, we’re okay with that.

You know how it is. You go to the mall and you get a little crazy over the sheer volume of clothing stores and choice of retailers. You think there has to be some way to narrow it down. Some way to shop for your teenage son or daughter but have it be a little less intimidating. If only you knew what stores to skip and not waste your time on, let alone your hard-earned money.

So thank you¬†Mr. Jeffries of infamous Abercrombie & Fitch fame for narrowing that choice down so succinctly. Not that you care we won’t be shopping at your stores as we can hardly be accused of ‘cool’ in this house. We’ve never quite gotten the hang of ‘cool’, thank goodness. We’ve always just kind of done or worn whatever we wanted.

So, we’re not going to waste any sleep over your words. Or your opinion. But those pink sweatpants? They’re in the garbage. Just my little way of sticking it to the man. Funny thing? No one’s noticed they’re gone. Or cares we won’t be shopping at your stores. Ever. Again.

A Message to Abercrombies by Sara Taney Humphreys / Huffington Post

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