Off The Grid Postcards!

I love them! Thank you Elizabeth Lang for doing up these wonderful postcards!

Off the Grid postcard 1Off the Grid postcard 2Off the Grid postcard 3They’re so pretty I had to share. These are my favorite type of promotional items, along with bookmarks. A reader can always use more bookmarks, right? What do you think? Do like seeing postcards with quotes from books on Facebook, blogs, etc? Do they peak your interest? Tempt you to investigate further? Share your thoughts on promotional items?

4 thoughts on “Off The Grid Postcards!

  1. I like postcards for ebooks because it’s something tangible you can hold in your hands and pass out to people. I got some for the first time for “First and Again” and I passed them out like candy! It was great. Have fun with these!

  2. They look awesome, Karyn. And what a great idea for getting tangible stuff in your readers’ hands for an ebook. Love it. And for those of us who can never find a bookmark when we want one, postcards work just as well (and a whole lot better than tissues). ;o)

    • Hey B.E. I’m glad I’m not the only one sticking tissues in books! I’m excited about them. They’re so pretty and Elizabeth did an amazing job. And you’re right, I wanted to be able to hand people something.

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