What Doesn’t Kill You…

If there is one quote that seems to be a favorite of many which I can’t relate to, its: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I don’t know why this quote rubs me the wrong way because there’s some truth to it. I think it’s the fact that it’s voiced by people who are searching to give comfort when there simply isn’t any you can give. They fall back on the old tried and true. It’s become trite and over used.

I prefer this instead.

strengthI saw this on Pinterest and thought I’d share. Have I mentioned I’m addicted to Pinterest. Today for instance, I spent many happy minutes (way to many) gazing at North West Coast Native Indian art in the name of research. Somehow that led to pinning ideas for great office spaces which lead to reading quotes.

So, yeah…that’s how my Friday is going. How’s your day going? What is your least favorite quote?

4 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You…

  1. I like the picture you found. It makes a lot more sense then the trite old cliche.

    I have not gotten Pinterest myself. I’m having trouble managing the social media I have now. But I have to admit it looks like a lot of fun!

    • Oh Jana…stay away and save your sanity. Then again, I’m using it right now to make a storyboard for a series of dreaming of writing. It’s kind of handy to have the pictures to look at.

  2. Interesting take. I never thought of it that way. Thanks. Now, get off Pinterest and go write. ;o)

    I can’t think of a worst quote, but there are a few of them I read and think “Seriously?”

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