Love this quote on Tumblr. Loved it immediately.

There’s too much “I need him, he completes me” and not enough “I complete me yet I want them along for this journey”


Also this!

soulIt’s March and here’s a lovely quote by Charles Dickens. Even though plump white snowflakes are falling as I type and there’s not a ray of sun to be found.


Channeling all these thoughts and using them to inspire in me as I revise away. We all know certain lines, often the cheesiest one in the bunch, get all the glory. But it’s what surrounds them and holds them up to the light that make the story. The quote by C.S. Lewis makes me question the lines I’ve written, encouraging me to see if there is truth in them or I’m merely making assumptions. Finally, my stories would no doubt ripen and flourish with a touch more imagery. The Charles Dickens quote inspires me to color my words.

Those were some of my thoughts this week. What inspired you?

4 thoughts on “Inspired.

  1. I love the Tumblr quote, Karyn. I should print it out and paste it next to my computer to remind me that my characters need to be strong enough to make it on their own, but they’d rather have company on their journey in life. Thanks for that! Now I better get back to writing!

  2. Great quotes, Karyn – I used the Dickens one in my Christmas Letter (did a yearly recap using inspirational quotes) and it is a good reminder as we clear more snow from our driveway today!!

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