One Does Not Simply Read a Happy Ending…

One indulges in it. Like a soak in a hot bath. Or sipping a perfectly chilled glass of pinot grigio. It’s that first bite of chocolate, followed by the second, and the third. The wrap of a blanket on a chilly night. Likewise, a good book.


If you’re not savouring, you’re doing it wrong.

We know what that hot soak will do for our bodies. Hell, our psyche. Chances are we’ve tasted wine, felt the comfort of a blanket, and used chocolate to get over a hump or two. How those things taste and feel are no surprise.


Those long walks on the beach, or the trail, or the streets? The paths you’ve walked many times? And will continue to walk? Are enjoyed because we know where we’ll end up back home, safe and sound. The pleasure is found in how it makes us feel. The surprises we encounter along the way. The things we learn about the world around us and ouselves.

Somehow in the world of books we’ve gotten into the habit of trivializing happy endings. And happily-ever-after books? Scoffed at. Disparaged. And belitted. Many will not admit to enjoying them in their many forms. Yet book sales suggest that the opposite is true.

This happens for many reasons, I suppose. The most quoted is the lack of a surprise ending. But like that soak, or walk, or trip to the spa, it’s what we figure out about ourselves during the experience that counts. It’s the need for relief. Or sanctuary. It’s a pause in a busy life. A reset. A chance to forget about what needs doing on the morrow.

One type story is not superior to another. They are simply different.  And one should not be made to feel inferior because one prefers one over the other.

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8 thoughts on “One Does Not Simply Read a Happy Ending…

  1. There is nothing like the changing colours of the trees ! It blows my mind every year ! Wish it could happen all year long ! I love watching sunsets here in Regina this time of year they too are amazing ! And majestic ! It inspires me to paint 🙂

    • Happy to see you here, Johanne! Fall is sooo short here. We’ve had the first big frost and with the wind today, so many leaves will be lying on the ground. Boo. I hope the inspiration stays with you!

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