B Is For Bookshelves #atozchallenge

Bookshelves. Everyone’s got ’em. Whether you put books on it is a whole different story. Please tell me you put books on it! However you arrange things, the truly awesome thing about bookshelves is that no one has the same shelf. Literally no one else on the planet has the same compilation of things lining their shelves.

A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2016

B Is For Bookshelves

What do our bookshelves say about us? I can’t say for sure, I’m not a psychology major. That you like to read? That you adore knickknacks? Have a thing for photos? Candles? My bookshelves are full of two of those things: books and photos. Candles and books don’t mix. Knickknacks scare me. I feel like I’m one step away from becoming a hoarder when I’m surrounded by them. Other people’s collections are symbolic of who they are, sometimes quirky, and often charming. I’m quite okay with other people’s knickknacks.

There are many ways to arrange books: alphabetically, by genre, size, colour. Some stack literary works on one side. Genre fiction on the other. Some of us mix it up. Below is a peek into one of shelves. I have to say I’m an arrange by size fan. Mostly. Kind of.


Mostly wine book club books on this one. The Sanity Seekers have been around for nearly fifteen years. The same core group of seven or eight drinkers readers. I prefer to read book club selections in print. For no nobler reason than it’s easier to judge how much I have to read in a very short amount of time. Another confession – it’s easier to skim. Because some of the books we’ve read…yikes. From the very first book we shared, Chocolat by Joanne Harris, to today, I could not have survived with my sanity intact without my book club. Our current book?

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

These days when it comes to books some of us also have ebook shelves. Seriously, what did we do without ereaders? 

My Ebook Shelf

Other bloggers waving at you from over here!

There you have it. A look at my shelves. What’s on yours?

8 thoughts on “B Is For Bookshelves #atozchallenge

  1. Oh! Nothing beats printed books on bookshelves! Ereaders have become popular only because of lack of space. My bookshelf looked like this five years ago… Books Galore. Of course, now a lot of the books have changed. Books that were read were shifted to the back row. Study books were moved out of that rack. I have a lot of unread P.G. Wodehouse books right now.
    – Chicky @ http://www.mysteriouskaddu.com

    • Oh, I love your book almirah. A lovely place to keep your books. And yes, ereaders are handy when you read a lot of books, like I do, and have limited space to keep them.

  2. I have never joined an official book club, but I like writing book reviews on my other blog because when you get a comment on a book that you have both read and enjoyed, it is like being part of a virtual book club. I am definitely a reader, and I go back and fourth between novels and history texts.

    • Always wonderful to meet follow readers. And there’s nothing like meeting someone with the same taste in books. You’re never at a loss for conversation. That’s why word-of-mouth sells books, I guess!

  3. I have added audio books to the list of print and e books. They all have their place in a readers life and all fulfill my need at the required time. I enjoy being read to, I believe that I am an audio learner. I enjoy print when I want to have them handy on my bookshelf for a memory touchstone and e books for speed of purchase and ease of reading. I like the handiness of underscoring making notes on the turn of a phrase, a specific scene.
    I’m just happy that readers read. My granddaughter told me a gift card for e books was perfect, I ran out and sent one immediately. She is reading, I wanted to celebrate.

    • I”m happy readers read too, Annette! I’m just getting into audio books, but I’m definitely feeling like they fill a need. And cheers to your lovely granddaughter! May there be many wonderful adventures waiting for her in books!

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