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I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet. I’m also not the strongest or the fleetest of foot. But I’m learning that doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of getting healthy. I’m also realizing that my exercise self can learn a little something from my writing self. Determination and the desire to improve are everything.

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I’m a grinder.

Merriam Webster’s definition of a grinder: athlete who succeeds through hard work and determination rather than exceptional skill.

I’m not sure about the athlete part, but as someone who started at the bottom of the fitness rung, I’ve definitely made progress during my five month strength and fitness training journey. Heck, as a person who hadn’t done a squat or a lunge (never mind a plank, because WHAT!) in literally decades, I’ve come a LONG way. I’ve learned being slow, methodical and clumsy doesn’t matter. By showing up and doing the work, even when I’d REALLY rather not, my physical strength is returning and my mental health is improving. I’m increasing my flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination. So, win!

My writing is following the same path at the moment. The words aren’t flowing and the path forward is often foggy. But I’m determined to get this project done so I will sit my butt in my chair and I will work through my roadblocks. I will grind away until I get where I want to go.

But back to exercising! Here are a couple of things I use for inspiration and motivation.

Harder To Kill Podcast by Steph Gaudreau. Steph is also the force behind Stupid Easy Paleo which focusses on nutrition, fitness, and mindset. Steph’s philosophies also jive with the things I’m learning from my personal trainer (Yes! I have one of the those and more on that in another post).

Nerd Fitness Blog. An excellent resource.

Run, Selfie, Repeat – Kelly Roberts. Kelly is on a mission to help others become the strongest version of themselves. She’s honest and open and lots of fun. She also just ran the London Marathon (it didn’t go well) and got a selfie with Prince Harry.

You gotta be who you are. Own your starting point. Set a goal. And grind away at it until it’s met.

Are you, like me, a grinder?

4 thoughts on “Be A Grinder!

  1. Keep at it, Karyn! I had to restart (and here’s a motivational quote I found at the beginning of the year: Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did!) in January, but stuck with it (ground it out) with short, doable runs. I have not run 8 5K runs in the last 2 1/2 weeks…non-stop…which is amazing for me! I so get your post 🙂 But it took a lot of determination and the ability to start slow (and short). Doable has become my catch-phrase this year.

    Thanks for the links – always happy to find other people out there struggling to challenge themselves and overcome.

    • Thanks for the great quote, Janet! Yes, to perseverance! Last night I basically dragged my butt the whole 3 kms. Sigh. But to also believing things are doable. I’m learning that my body is capable of doing far more than I ever thought it could do! Wishing you fleet feet, my friend!

  2. As someone who hasn’t been to the gym in a month (hangs head in shame), I tip my hat to you. (And to you too, Janet!) Fortunately I’ve continued with yoga or I’d have turned into a slug by now. I need to get back at it. I don’t have any illusions about running a marathon or anything. I just want to remain reasonably flexible and healthy.

    I consider myself a grinder, too, Karyn. I have a plaque on my desk that says “Determination”. That pretty much sums it up. Talent will get you to a certain point, but perseverance will take you all the way.

    • So true, Jana! It’s also not fair that it takes forever to form a good habit and about two seconds to veer off course. I actually started this whole health journey 17 months ago (speaking of slow and steady) with a restorative yoga class, which I LOVED! And I’d really like to supplement my current routine with a yoga class. I’d better get busy and sell some more books! LOL But some day I will! Maybe next retreat we’ll have to have a yoga session!

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