August Summer Snapshot

Sunflower season. When the days are still plenty warm, but the evenings are cooling down. I wish I could bottle the scent that met me when I walked onto the patio this morning. Crisp air, dew on flowers, sunshine and blue skies. The perfect morning. I planted dwarf sunflowers in pots this year and I will definitely being doing it again next year. But these sunflowers are volunteers. A whole row of them sprouting up from seeds scattered by the birds.

I’m in a bit of a reading slump right now. I’ve borrowed books, started them, or skimmed through them, only to return them early. Or I’ve raced through them, which is unlike me. I’m a slow reader. I read every word. That inability to focus usually means my anxiety levels are creeping up. There were many things I wanted to get done this summer and didn’t. And now summer is ending and we’re transitioning into fall. I’m not ready!

I may have bought a new pair of shoes to cheer myself up. And possibly put another pair on hold. Always buy the shoes. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I’m not sure that’s sound advice, though…

We finished watching Only Murders in the Building! You can stream on Disney+. Highly recommend.

Until next time…

I’d love some reading inspiration. Only happily-ever-afters right now. Or a great historical mystery series, along the lines of Veronica Speedwell.

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