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karyn good's book GONEGONE
Book 3 - Aspen Lake Series
The Wild Rose Press
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Ever since a devastating family tragedy seventeen years ago, Grace Bighill has struggled to keep her remaining family from falling apart. Then the discovery of her mother's body in the woods unearths a connection to a decades old murder case, and Grace is dragged into a politician's bitter bid for revenge.

Constable Mike Davenport's days in Aspen Lake are numbered. He's ready to take his next step up the career ladder somewhere a lot more cosmopolitan. He's avoided any emotional attachments, despite having fallen hard for a certain stubborn local. But when a body turns up, Mike's careful intentions collapse in the face of Grace's grief and her exhaustive efforts to care for her family.

A search for answers leads Grace and Mike down a twisted path proving no one can escape their roots. But someone might die trying.


karyn good's book excerpt

The music still played but no one listened. They were too busy trying to talk at once.

Mike settled in beside her and his disapproving green eyes scanned her face. He lifted the cloth covering her knee and winced. "You okay?"

Grace flinched as his fingers did a gentle probe. "Welcome to the party."

"Seems we were a little late getting our invitation." His expression turned serious. "This may need medical attention."

"It's just a scratch." She tamped down the gooey need threatening to overtake her. Tried to remember it didn't pay to get sentimental over this particular man.

Her reassurance didn't stop him from carefully dabbing at her cut. Or from leaning in to get a closer look. "I don't see any glass, but that doesn't mean there isn't any in there."

"I'm fine." She braced her hands on the floor ready to lift herself up, having had enough attention and being at the center of it.

Mike put his hand on her shoulder and coaxed her back down. "There's no rush. Take a moment."

She warmed under his touch and the tender concern she'd secretly, and not so secretly, yearned for since he'd arrived in Aspen Lake two years ago.



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