Introducing Tuesday’s Table

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”  Julia Child

I swear that is one of my favorite quotes. Whatever your relationship with food, everyone has to eat. Indeed many of us have very strong feelings about food. We have experiences around food. Some of our best discussions happen over food. Our thanks, our welcomes, our condolences are often accompanied by food. We travel to experience new places and different cuisines.

I grew up on a farm outside a small prairie town. We gathered together at fall suppers, after church lunches, banquets, and buffets. This time of year lunches and suppers are packed up and driven out to the fields to feed hungry harvesters. My Dad would have been up early and late coming in, working hard at getting the grain in the bins.

When I was a kid sometimes my mother would make bread. She would cut off the heel of a still warm loaf, smear it with butter, and give us a taste. Delicious. When I smell of baking bread I think of my childhood kitchen. Another thing about my mom? She loves to bake. She usually follows up an invite to come and dine with an offer to bring something. We always, always, request dessert. You can trust my son to ask, “Is Grandma bringing dessert?”

Memories and food go hand in hand.

And food and romance? How many first dates take place at a restaurant? I had a friend who went out on a supper date with a guy who made the unfortunate mistake of ordering spaghetti. Not only was that first swirled fork full messy, it was piping hot. What’s a guy to do but spit it back out? That whole date was a gong show. I’m pretty sure it was also their last. Good thing she ended up with an entertaining tale to tell.

There are all kinds of stories out there revolving around food. That’s what Tuesday’s Table is about. You’ll find those stories, maybe a recipe, some pictures, guest bloggers and the books they write. Starting next Tuesday you can find them here.

Sometimes, you get to dine with princesses in a Disney castle.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a Knight in Shining Armour.

Our character lunch at Disney World was one of those memorable kind of meals. As soon as we stepped into that castle and saw Cinderella in all her finery I felt eight years old again. The meal was excellent and afterwards we spent time with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel, and Belle. Again, it took me back to my childhood. We ate all our meals at the kitchen table, except on those occasional Sundays when CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel) aired a Disney movie. Out came the TV trays, we filled out plates and headed to the family room for a treat. With access to only two channels, you made the most of those opportunities.

Have a memorable meal in your past? One you’ll always remember?

Dining with one’s friends and beloved family is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.”  Julia Child

10 thoughts on “Introducing Tuesday’s Table

  1. Well there’s memorable [delicious] and memorable [cremated], but keeping the positive theme, a while ago we tried to reproduce a television programme theme – the results were indeed memorable. Seeing large meatballs propped up on three skewers to represent space ships will stay with me forever.

    • Ha! Cremated. I love it. And I love your idea. That sounds like so much fun. We’re going to have to try that, my daughter would get such a charge out of it. I wonder what program we’d choose…

  2. I look forward to these!

    I love to cook. I love the celebratory nature of restaurants, but keep a short list when it’s about the food and not the company. What I don’t love: that even the simplest recipe comes with the certainty that I will dirty every dish and the kitchen floor, too. (Also don’t love that I’ve never dined with a princess.)

    • I’m like you, Lynn. I enjoy cooking but I also love to eat out. I also operate under the assumption you can never use too many bowls, spoons, or pans. Right now, because we’ve been renovating our kitchen, eating out has lost it’s celebratory feel. Time to get back to normal and into my kitchen and save dining out for special occasions.

      And dining with a princess is pretty cool!

  3. I’m a great lover of all food, always have been so I don’t really have a favourite memory. I love a special meal but equally can enjoy something very simple. Usually, for me, it’s the people I eat with that make it so memorable. These days my husband and I do most of our talking/catch ups over dinner in the evening since he writes/studies in his study and I write in my own little corner of a different room. Ahem… I should add that hubby now cooks all our meals!:-) Big smiles from me!

    • I’d have big smiles too, Nancy!! I agree, food shared is always tastier. We eat most of our meals at the kitchen table. We check in and catch up on everyone’s day. And even though I’m not a spectacular cook, I love to cook for people. There’s nothing better than having everyone gathered round!

  4. I enjoyed this post. These are wonderful memories you have. Great pictures too. Love the Julia Child quote. I like to cook, although I’m not very good at it. My favorite meal is one I had in Italy in 2006. Saffron gnocchi with fresh-shaved truffle. I’m going to be a guest on this blog October 2 and will tell you all about it. Food is more than eating. It’s the companionship and the memories.

    • Hi Cara. That sounds like a delightfully exotic meal. And to have eaten it in Italy! I would love to travel there, or anywhere in Europe. You’re right, food is the accompaniment to good times. See you on October 2nd 😀

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