A Little Wine and Cheese

I love cheesy movies. I don’t need to tell you that wine goes good with cheese. Everyone’s already aware. But if you’re looking for a recommendation try Wonderwall, a lovely Shiraz out of Australia. Delightful. Now, onto the cheese. I could also add an addendum here about falling for Alan Rickman. Because my pick for best cheesiest feel good movie ever is Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. With Kevin Costner. I never got tired of watching it. There’s something about prowess with a bow and arrows that is very appealing.

Maybe I have tree house envy. For an exiled group of outlaws, they built an incredible fortress in Sherwood Forest without access to anything. Like a Home Depot. Or Lowe’s. Or nails. And they way they got the blacksmithy up and going and manufactured all those swords was nothing short of a miracle.

And then there’s my love for Alan Rickman. See how I tied that all in together? And also because Robin Hood is one of my favorite stories. I also loved the recent Russell Crowe version. But that’s another blog post. Which I wrote but can’t find.

Let’s start with the Sheriff of Nottingham, should we?

“That’s it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.”


Yep, he’s a badass. In the best, cheesiest way possible.

We won’t get into Kevin Costner’s sometimes-it’s-there-and-sometimes-it’s-not accent. He’s still adorable as Robin Hood.

I’ve seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle. And I’ve seen the lowliest, unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body, to defend a dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright. It’s defined by one’s actions.

I swoon in the face of such clarity of thought. For a member of the aristocracy he’s quite liberal in his thinking. I guess fighting with King Richard all those many years and then escaping as a prisoner of war gives one perspective.

And let’s not forget his I would die for you line. More sighing ensues.

Then there’s Morgan Freeman. Whom I love. Because he’s Morgan Freeman. And he has that excellent voice. He could be reading instructions from a shampoo bottle and I’d still listen.

A wise man once said: “There are no perfect men in the world; only perfect intentions.”

I mean, come on!

Are you with me? Or do you have your own pick for best, cheesiest movie ever?

10 thoughts on “A Little Wine and Cheese

  1. Love all things Robin Hood since the very first Robin Hood movie I saw in my teens (OK, I used to watch late night CBC – The Oldies – so don’t go “Huh?” when I tell you which movie it was). Errol Flynn in Robin Hood! Loved it – and the newest version with Russell Crowe – OMG, good. And, yes, I love the Cosner rendition, too!

    And you and I have the same love for Alan Rickman (his portrayal of Harry in Love Actually cemented his acting ability for me). Ooh, he was also in Perfume – loved that movie (and the book).

    OK, cheesiest movie? Would The Princess Bride count? Classic. I’ll have a glass of Argentina Malbec with mine, please 🙂

    • I absolutely know that Errol Flynn played Robin Hood. ‘Course I’m too young to have seen when when it debuted. I was never much of a Russell Crowe fan until he played RH and then your right, OMGOSH! LOVE Love Actually! It’s one of my favorite holiday films. But have not seen Perfume! Must check it out. And, yes, indeed, The Princess Bride counts. It’s up there in the top five!

      Thanks for the wine rec! Will definitely check it out!

  2. My nomination for Favorite Cheesy Movie is “Mama Mia.” It got panned by the critics, especially the dance numbers and Pierce Brosnan’s singing, but viewing it makes me happy every time I watch. I wasn’t that big an Abba fan, but I love how they wove their songs into this story. I love the location. I especially love the ladies’ dance number on the dock. I just plain love Meryl Streep. My son had a small part in “The Bridges of Madison County” when he was a teenager. Because he was underage, Mom and Dad got to be on set with him. One day, I got to sit right across from Meryl during a break, and of course, I couldn’t think of a thing to say. Me, the writer!

    • Hi Barbara! Mama Mia is an excellent cheesy pick. I’ve seen the movie and seen the stage play. The costumes alone win a place in the top five of the cheesiest! And I’m with you on loving Meryl Streep. She can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. If I’d found myself sitting across my her I’d have been struck speechless, too!

      Sssh, don’t tell but I have ABBA songs on my iPod.

  3. I love good cheese in pretty much all of its presentations, movies included. Have to agree about Morgan Freeman’s voice – gah. And Alan Rickman’s lines in that Robin Hood are so great (he’s just great, his voice is so distinctive, too) – “I’ll cut your heart out…with a spoon!” The fun cheese movies that spring to my mind are A Knight’s Tale, Grease, Princess Bride, Sixteen Candles (pretty much all John Hughes, really), Dirty Dancing, and I’m sure I’ll think of tons more as soon as I hit the button to comment! Fun post – thanks!

    • Hi Melissa! “But why a spoon, cousin. Why not a knife?” That cracks me up every time! Those are ALL wonderful examples of cheesiest at it’s finest. With a special shout out going to A Knight’s Tale and Heath Ledger. Any medieval flick that plays Queen and AC/DC on it’s soundtrack must win a special award. I don’t think I’ve ever watched Sixteen Candles. Shame on me, I’ll have to fix that immediately.

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