Grouchy Pants

Ugh. Why are they always a perfect fit?



What’s that? You don’t care? Come back when I’ve got it together?

Fair enough. No one wants to hear about my grumpy business.

But what to do when one cannot even tolerate one’s self?

  • First, acknowledge your grumpy! Okay, done that.
  • Get moving! Next on my list.
  • Smile!
  • Clear clutter! It’s easier to throw stuff away when you’re feeling evil.
  • Listen to (upbeat) music!
  • Talk to a friend! Hi, there!
  • Write down the good stuff! Like how it’s FINALLY sunny! Yay! Or how I went out to lunch and didn’t have to cook!




Read a book!

What a good idea! I’m busy reading through Vivian Arend’s Takhini Wolves series. Must say I’m enjoying them!

What’s your favorite method of getting rid of the grumps!

6 thoughts on “Grouchy Pants

  1. Usually junk food – or a good walk can clear my head. Best thing I’ve learned over the years is to acknowledge the grumpiness and give in to it for a while – usually it gets tired of me being OK with it and it goes away! Hope you’ve managed to hang up your grumpy pants for another day, Karyn!

    • Grumps are gone, thank goodness! I managed to avoid the junk food, only because I had chips and dip the night before. My bad. I love walking and I don’t do enough of it. That has to change. Then maybe the grumps will stay away!

  2. Sorry you had a case of the grumps. With my memory, after enough time passes, I forget why I was grumpy in the first place and it goes away. Otherwise, cute pet pictures, pretty flowers, long walks (or drives) and a good old-fashioned crying session always help.

    I hope today is a better day for you, Karyn. :hugs:

    • Thanks, B.E.! Pretty flowers! I’m going to buy myself some of those today! A good cry = letting go. That’s how I’m going to look at it from now on, because I hate to cry. Hate it. And you’ve inspired me with a great example of looking on the bright side! So thanks again!

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