A Look Ahead at 2018 and a Look Back at 2017!

I’m looking back on 2017’s fondest memories and thinking ahead to 2018 with excitement.


Every year I try to pick a word every year and 2018’s word is COMMIT. It’s difficult to explain to another what that word signifies to me. It’s a rather benign word without context. My writing has waited patiently in the wings these last couple of years while I’ve focused on improving other areas of my life. That’s not to  say I abandoned the process altogether, but writing wasn’t a priority. When I did sit down to write, it was a half-hearted, distracted attempt and my Muse knew it and made me work for any gains I managed.

Perhaps I should also explain that I’ve always felt my Muse was quite Nanny McPhee like, and therefore I don’t use the word lightly as she makes her presence known in my lowest of writing times.

“When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go.”

I feel like she letting go now and winging her way towards another struggling writer.

I also seem to attach myself to a quote each year. I love quotes and I come across them all the time on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of other places. I know the right one when I read it. Also, I’m a firm believer in the Universe providing. The moment I saw this quote I knew it had my intentions for 2018 written all over it.

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” Ginny Weasley (J.K. Rowlings)

So, here’s to a productive and creative 2018!


But 2017 was pretty darn awesome and, boy, did it fly by. To be more mindful, in 2017 I committed to slow everything: slow fashion, slow food, slow fitness…you get the idea. I focused on my health. I chose quality over quantity. I shopped local. I did a host of things that inspired and motivated me to do slow down and find my focus and it worked!

Slow Down

I’ll end with two of my favourite images of 2017.

By far the biggest event of 2017 took place on September 30th! The day our son and daughter-in-law were married amid much joy, love and celebration.

J&B Wedding

I went on my first writing retreat in the spring of 2017 and my second in November. We chose the tranquil calm of the Living Skies Retreat and Conference Centre in picturesque Lumsden, Saskatchewan to get our creative juices flowing.

SRW 2017 Nov. Writing Retreat

There is a huge wood burning fireplace in the main area that we congregated in front of in the evenings. In front of us were large floor to ceiling windows with views of the Qu’Appelle Valley and lots of comfy seating for writing during the days. There were walking paths and a lovely labyrinth to explore.

Living Skies Retreat and Conference Centre

What were two highs for you in 2017 and how are you looking ahead at 2018?

3 thoughts on “A Look Ahead at 2018 and a Look Back at 2017!

  1. Going to those two retreats this year was definitely a high for me, too. I can’t wait for the next one! We also took a trip to Nova Scotia in September and that was a high as well.

    I’m hoping 2018 is the year I finally release my self-published series. And maybe it’s the year I try something new in my writing.

    I’ve also chosen a word for the year. Mine is determination. I am determined to move forward with my writing in 2018!

    • I love our retreats! And I love Nova Scotia! How exciting and congratulations on your upcoming series. From what I know of the setting, characters, and plot, I can’t wait to read it!

      We definitely have things in common. I, too, want to try something new. And I think you’re going to same direction with your word as I am with mine.

  2. Reading about your journey with your chosen word for 2018, “COMMIT,” truly resonated with me. It’s fascinating how a single word can carry so much personal significance and transformation. I completely understand how challenging it can be to convey the depth of that meaning to others without the context that your experiences provide.

    Your candid reflection on how your writing patiently waited while you focused on other aspects of your life is both relatable and inspiring. It’s reassuring to know that even when writing wasn’t the primary focus, you didn’t abandon the process entirely. Your description of those half-hearted, distracted writing attempts truly captures the struggle many of us face in finding our creative flow.

    The concept of your Muse being Nanny McPhee-like adds a touch of whimsy to your writing journey. I can imagine the nudge and encouragement she provides in those lowest moments, pushing you to persevere even when the words don’t flow easily.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with such honesty and depth. Your words remind us all of the ebb and flow of creative pursuits, and how committing to the process can lead to meaningful growth. Here’s to embracing our own versions of commitment and letting our Muses guide us, even in the toughest writing times.

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