Five Things I Need To Survive Winter

I don’t know what your winter looks like but here it means snow! And on the prairies, you know you’ve gone through a bit of a cold stretch when you go out and it’s -26 C (-15 F) and it feels downright balmy.

The view of my backyard in February!

And, yes, my neighbours still have a giant 90’s style satellite dish in their backyard!

My Top Five Winter Favorites

  1. Tea: My favourite of the moment is a cinnamon rooibus chai from David’s Tea!
  2. Books: Currently listening to Hexed by Kevin Hearne and LOVING it.
  3. Blankets: I ordered a new blanket from one of my favourite Etsy shops, Make It Cozy and it’s so warm and comfy!
  4. Netflix: The series Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat! Warning: It will make you want to travel to all the places and eat all the things.
  5. And…more books! Because books are the best cure for the winter doldrums.

Until next time…

What does winter look like in your neck of the woods?

GONE, Aspen Lake Series Book 3

She won’t leave and he can’t stay.


Gone, Romantic Suspense, Karyn Good

BACKLASH, Book 1 and EXPOSED, Book2.

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