Virtual Book Starts Today


I’m in two places at once today! Which could actually be true if I were a subatomic particle.  Ha, and you thought I knew nothing of quantum mechanics. Proof TV is educational. Thank you, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard!

First, I’m visiting Live to Read and talking about memorable characters.

Later today I’ll be at Curse of the Bibliophile giving an interview.


Almost, I’ve gotten my first review!

Smitten With Reading

 Add to that, this book is fabulous on the suspense side. Lots of high-stakes danger, really evil bad guys (super-creepy spider tattoo guy), and it kept me guessing how the author was going to resolve it all till the very end. Overall this was a fabulous book and definitely one that reminds me why I LOVE to read! Perfect entertainment and escape!



Backlash is now up on Goodreads! Go ahead and add it! Really, I’m not above begging. Obviously!






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