As We Shift Towards Another Season

I won’t be tiresome and asked the obvious, like how can it be Friday already. It’s been a productive week renovation wise. Our kitchen transformation is finally on the upswing so the place now has the cupboards, minus the door fronts. Layers of ugly wallpaper have now been removed and they’re starting on the baseboards and window casings. New windows are in and the new flooring is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Yay.

But it’s also August 10th. Days are getting shorter. Back-to-school ads are everywhere. Harvest has started. Fall is just around the corner. Here is my corner of the world, the school years ends at the very end of June and students don’t go back to school until after the long weekend in September. Going by the glass is half full approach, there’s still almost a month of summer left.

There are market gardens to visit, campfires and hot chocolate to enjoy, and books yet to be read. A sense of gathering has started in the harvesting of grains, readying all those garden vegetables, or putting together supplies for school. Our purpose is shifting and we’re preparing for a new season.

I love fall. I’m just not ready to let go of summer yet.

My Playlist For This Sunny Summer August Day:

Drunk on You by Luke Bryan

Come Over by Kenny Chesney

I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen

Goodbye Girl by Rumer

The Cave by Mumford and Sons

On My eReader:

Still plugging away at Jane Eyre!

On the Menu


What are you listening to, reading, or eating this weekend?

4 thoughts on “As We Shift Towards Another Season

  1. oh my, in my world we are on what seems like day zillion of high temps over 100F

    You are welcome to all the summer you can stand (it will go on through at least September), should you wish to house swap!

  2. Hey Karyn,
    It’s definitely the waning days of summer. We were playing golf today in a town west of the city and harvest is in full swing here. Combines everywhere. Looks like they’ll be done in very short order. My tomatoes are just starting to turn red. In a few days dozens will turn red all at once and I’ll have to do something with them. Yikes

    And yes, I’m still plugging away at Jane Eyre too. Have to admit it’s a bit of a struggle. But I’m determined to finish. We’re driving to Sask. next weekend so I’ll have many hours in the car to read!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Fresh from the garden tomatoes are one of my absolute favorite things, Jana. Enjoy! Now that the Olympics are over I’ll get more reading in and catch up with Jane and Rochester. Have a great time in Sask. 😀

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