A Hitwoman Gets Lucky, Shoe Lust and Kobo News

My review of The Hitwoman Gets Lucky by JB Lynn. Bonus: it’s free!

I’m a fan of Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series even though I stopped reading at Book Eight or so. For me that’s a long time to stick with a series since I’m more of a trilogy gal. So, when I found JB Lynn on a friend’s blog I couldn’t resist giving her books a try. I downloaded her free offering on Amazon and kind of started in the middle.

Maggie Lee is a hitwoman. Accompanied by God and Armani (it’s not what you’re thinking, trust me) she sets out for Atlantic City to do a favor for her murder mentor, Patrick Mulligan. Barry Manilow is involved, too. But she doesn’t have a thing for him like she does for Patrick. Who has way too many rules, one of them about getting lucky.

The Hitwoman Gets Lucky is a spunky novella with a cache of eccentric characters, including a lizard and a dog. Maggie is delightful. Patrick has an unusual code of ethics but he sticks to them. And it’s clear he cares very much for Maggie. It’s also clear Maggie wants to get lucky with Patrick. There’s great chemistry there. And lots of laughs.

This is the first free offering I’ve downloaded from Amazon. I know, I’m behind the times. I kind of viewed it as a trial run of the series. Would I continue reading? And paying for the rest of the series? Yes, I would. Without hesitation. Who can resist the adventures of a reluctant hitwoman with a heart of gold? Not this reader.

Also, total random love. Pink patent shoes. With bows.

Plus: Backlash is available on Kobo!

Do you like hitwomen stories? Pink shoes? Free books?

7 thoughts on “A Hitwoman Gets Lucky, Shoe Lust and Kobo News

  1. I’ve read JB Lynn’s first Hitwoman book, Karyn – and have downloaded the one you reviewed, but haven’t got to it yet. I love Lynn’s quirky characters and the unusual premise. Have you seen the cover for her newest release? It’s really great.

  2. So glad you liked The Hitwoman Gets Lucky, Karyn. I’m having a blast writing this series and it’s gratifying to know people are enjoying the books. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you like JB’s book. I finished the latest one (The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels) recently, and it’s awesome.

    And, yes… Yes, those are totally cute shoes.

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