Ready, Set, Write!


Today it’s all about the ghosts and goblins but National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. And that’s all about the writing.


November is also about mustaches and raising money for a good cause.

kim coatesAnd that’s a random picture of Kim Coates who plays Tig on the TV show Sons of Anarchy which I love and don’t know why. He sports some pretty awesome facial hair. Anyway…

I’ve never written a story about a guy with a ‘tache. But I’m writing a story about a guy with a Dodge Demon he calls Veronica.

dodge demonHe’s into grunge rock and wood carving.

travisfimmel1And he’s falling for Kate. Who lives in this tiny apartment above her boutique.

Kate's Apartment4So while I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo, I will be writing. I’ll be participating in a writing challenge along with other members of my writing peeps, The Saskatchewan Romance Writers. They’re an awesome bunch. And November is the perfect time to get some writing in before all the Christmas festivities start. Although I’m Canadian and therefore have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Some of you will have to write and cook a turkey.

When Kate Meets Seth…

Kate’s quick scan started at his scarred work boots, past cargo pants with more pockets then she had good intentions, she lifted a brow, and not in favor, at his Pearl Jam t-shirt. Great hair. Six feet plus in height. His stance made it clear he didn’t give a crap about any of it which added a little bit of wild to the Mr. Long and Broad look he had going on. Her fingers twitched. That made her nervous. And nervous didn’t project the right image.

“Can I help you?” She plunged into the Kate Logan act. Relished the comfort of the fit. The shaky Kate disappeared behind a raised brow and the strut that had made her famous.

My second Aspen Lake novel is taking shape. Happy writing, Everyone!


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A Short List of Scary Books I’ve Read

I wasn’t kidding. It’s a very short list.

1. The Shining by Stephen King

That’s it.

Although I must say, I enjoyed it.I was braver back then. Oh, I also read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and that was scary. And there were times Harry Potter freaked me out.

In other words I don’t do scary.

So, I won’t be seeing this rendition of Carrie. I saw the original and that was enough. I think it was a right of passage kind of thing. Must watch Carrie like everyone else. So was Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 80’s edition). I was eighteen and a couple months in to living on my own for the first time. We watched it at a girlfriend’s house. After they dropped me off I climbed into bed and read an entire Harlequin before allowing myself to drift off into nightmare land.

I’ve watched Criminal Minds. Once. My husband forbade me from watching it ever again. He complained my lack of sleep tired him out. But I mean come on, why be terrified alone when you don’t have to. Plus, I’m pretty sure there was a clause in our vows pertaining to him having to talk me down from those kinds of situations.

So now he’s proactive when it comes to stuff like that. Like this summer when camping and I realized the book I’d brought along to read was about the Campsite Killer. He told me, and I quote, “put that book away. Immediately.”

That doesn’t mean I won’t be watching Sleepy Hallow and Dracula! That’s too much awesomeness to ignore! Besides, there’s no such thing as headless horsemen or vampires. So, it’s not scary. Although…there is a Sleepy Hallow campground thirty minutes down the highway. By the way, my husband refuses to let us camp there.

What’s the scariest book you’ve ever read? Or movie you’ve watched?

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