Ready, Set, Write!


Today it’s all about the ghosts and goblins but National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. And that’s all about the writing.


November is also about mustaches and raising money for a good cause.

kim coatesAnd that’s a random picture of Kim Coates who plays Tig on the TV show Sons of Anarchy which I love and don’t know why. He sports some pretty awesome facial hair. Anyway…

I’ve never written a story about a guy with a ‘tache. But I’m writing a story about a guy with a Dodge Demon he calls Veronica.

dodge demonHe’s into grunge rock and wood carving.

travisfimmel1And he’s falling for Kate. Who lives in this tiny apartment above her boutique.

Kate's Apartment4So while I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo, I will be writing. I’ll be participating in a writing challenge along with other members of my writing peeps, The Saskatchewan Romance Writers. They’re an awesome bunch. And November is the perfect time to get some writing in before all the Christmas festivities start. Although I’m Canadian and therefore have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Some of you will have to write and cook a turkey.

When Kate Meets Seth…

Kate’s quick scan started at his scarred work boots, past cargo pants with more pockets then she had good intentions, she lifted a brow, and not in favor, at his Pearl Jam t-shirt. Great hair. Six feet plus in height. His stance made it clear he didn’t give a crap about any of it which added a little bit of wild to the Mr. Long and Broad look he had going on. Her fingers twitched. That made her nervous. And nervous didn’t project the right image.

“Can I help you?” She plunged into the Kate Logan act. Relished the comfort of the fit. The shaky Kate disappeared behind a raised brow and the strut that had made her famous.

My second Aspen Lake novel is taking shape. Happy writing, Everyone!


Confession is Good For the Soul. Right?

So…I took a slight hiatus from blogging. It was unintentional. And unplanned. But I’m back. And what better way to come back than with a couple of confessions.

First. Hello, my name is Karyn Good and apparently, and against my will, I’ve become a Kirsten Ashley addict. That’s not to say there aren’t things that piss me off about her heroes. And her heroines. But when they talk storytelling versus craft? When they talk about voice? This is what they’re talking about. Her writing is like crack. I kid you not. Also, it’s in first person, which I don’t enjoy. Unless it’s KA. The Rock Chick series. Or the Colorado Mountain Man series. Take your pick. They’re both great. I’ve read a couple of her books twice. TWICE. I don’t know why. Okay, I do. Her characters are very real in a surreal-because-this-is-romantic-fantasy-and-not-real-life-like, at all, kind of way. These books are total escapism and pure entertainment. And hot. Sizzling, in fact. Those three things together make these my favorite kind of book.

charlie hunnamSecond. And, even more mystifying, I’m also a Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy fanatic fan. I mean, seriously, what could be appealing about outlaw bikers? They are violent, play by their own rules, and are patriarchal gun runners. What saves this show from ho-humness or being a gorefest? Characters like Katey Sagal. She is the Queen. She’s sexy but not an object. She’s in her fifties. And you do not mess with her. I want to be her.  (That’s a confession for another time.) There are actually some other pretty complicated female characters in these series. Which I like. Then there’s the biker subculture, not to mention the outlaw aspect. And there be bikers. I’m a writer, a stay-at-home mother and a suburbanite. This whole idea fascinates me. How do you make outlaw bikers who run guns likeable or acceptable? You pit them against people who are worse, like neo-Nazis. This series is not for everyone. But it might be for you.

katay sagal

Third. This one’s even more insane and has to relationship to the other two. My new driver. As in golf club. I know. Crazy. But, oh my gosh, I can now drive the ball 180 yards. In the air. I love this club. More than Kirsten Ashley and Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy. Obviously, it has magical powers. Because I’m actually finding myself saying the words, “Hey, we should go golfing.” And forget food, this is the real way to my husband’s heart. So, it’s all good.

There. Confession time over. Go ahead give it a try? Read any addicting books this summer? Watched any great new-to-you shows? Have any golf tips to share? Feel free!