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A person can find inspiration everywhere, in the smallest or biggest of places. Or anywhere in between. One source of inspiration for me is live theater. I adore it. I live in a small city, with a population of 200,000(ish). The largest theater company here is the Globe Theatre, and its performances are done in-the-round, meaning the audience surrounds the stage. The latest production was called The Drowning Girls.


The Drowning Girls is inspired by a 19th century serial murder case where three women in succession where found dead in their respective bathtubs. Bessie Mundy, Alice Burnham, and Margaret Lofty were all married to George Joseph Smith who used many aliases to cover his tracks as a conman, bigamist, and murderer. The case became known as “The Brides in the Bath Murders”.

One of the things I loved about this play is its focus on the lives of these three women, on their histories instead of making it about the murderer. It gave us insight into how these women found themselves at the mercy of George Smith. It is the victims’ story. A cautionary tale of what can happen, be it the 19th century or the 21st. There was plenty of pathos, sincerity, and humour. Cleverly written and beautifully acted, with three bathtubs and water as the setting.

Yes, these three young actors spent a solid hour and a half dripping wet. There was water in those three bathtubs and the play opens with each of them submerged. Water fell from the ceiling, there was a moat of sorts surrounding the small stage. It splashed on the floor, on the actors, and maybe even the first row. Not only that but they don weddings dresses, veils, and silk stockings while soaked to the skin. The choregraphy of movement and body language was perfection. They were in and out of those tubs, danced on the slippery wet wooden floor, and they entranced the audience.



If it comes to an area near you, you should check it out! Do you enjoy live theater

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Sexy Suspense

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Here’s an introduction to my latest romantic suspense!


A committed doctor to Vancouver’s inner city, nothing fazes Sophie Monroe—until a pregnant teenager shows up at her clinic on Christmas Eve requesting sanctuary and claiming the baby’s father is one of the city’s most influential businessmen. Sophie is in over her head and thankful when aid shows up in the form of an attorney who’s a little too confident and a lot too sexy.

Family Law expert Caleb Quinn just wants a date, a chance to prove he isn’t the elitist jerk Sophie assumes. Helping deliver a baby is not what he has in mind. But before long protecting a traumatized teenager and her son become his first priority. Even if saving them pits him against the baby’s father, a childhood friend. A man who will do anything to keep his dark side private.

But justice never comes cheap. Will doing the right thing cost Sophie and Caleb their reputations? Or their lives?

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Available Now

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In other news March is the month of my 25th Wedding Anniversay! Time for reflection and sifting through memories. 25 years seems like quite the collection of years, yet it seems to have gone by in a flash. Here’s to the beginning and the good times and the tough times that have followed.



We honeymooned in Montego Bay, Jamica. In a little all inclusive resort that wasn’t fancy but it was clean and the staff was kind and friendly. To the bar staff we were John and Mrs. John. At this point, as a someone who’d grown up on a farm in the of the Canadian prairies I don’t think I’d been further away from home than two provinces over or across the border into the northern United States. It was quite an adventure. And of course, I ended up with food poisoning. Which was also a shock for someone who’d hardly been sick a day in her life.

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The rum punch was excellent!


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“If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time.” Cyndi Lauper, Time After Time

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