December Has Arrived!

December Is Upon Us!

With the first day of December comes the first day of Advent. The first day of Elf on the Shelf. There’s only a few flakes of snow on the ground and the temperature is on the plus side. Life is pretty sweet!

I don’t really have a plan to conquer the madness of December, but I do have a gift giving and baking list on the go. I’m also trying to keep my calendar up to date. And, as always, I’m determined not to let the idea of holiday perfection rule my days.

There are many things I love about December. The holidays, of course. The first snow fall. Using the fireplace. Drinking hot chocolate. Reading books while cuddled under a blanket. Sweaters. Boots. Holiday music. Holiday movies! And generally settling in for the long winter ahead.

There are a few ways I’ve simplified over the years. Less decorations. I used to think it wasn’t Christmas without a few somethings in every room. Less gifts. This year my husband’s side of the family decided to pick names. On my side of the family we decided to buy gifts for the kids only.

My Tips For A Guilt-Free December:

  • Decide which traditions still work and which ones to ditch and keep in the memory banks.
  • Find a way to give and/or volunteer.
  • It’s okay to say NO to an event, a gift exchange, baking exchange, dinner party, or whatever it is you do not have time for or do not want to attend.
  • Giving up the notion of buying the perfect gift. Put some thought into it, but don’t stress over being the one to buy THE gift.

My holiday mantra: ┬áIt’s supposed to be fun, it doesn’t have to be perfect.


December Planning

I’m also doing a December photo challenge. Today’s theme is Your View Today. The above is mine.

What are your tips for organizing the month of December?