Five Summer Book Recommendations for June 2023

Here are five book recommendations to add to your summer reading list! They all have a little something different to tempt you into picking them up.

My Five Book Recommendations For Summer 2023

Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn. My review found here.

Contemporary small town romance. I can not say enough good things about this book! It is one of my favourites from this year.

Bluebird by Genevieve Graham

Time slip romance. WWI. Historical Romance. Canadian author. Canadian setting. I loved this story. Genevieve Graham is one of my go to authors!

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Contemporary Romance. Romantic Comedy. Big Ranch vibes. Totally fell for this one. Read by review here.

Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid (Book 2 Game Changers series)

MM Romance. Contemporary Romance. Hockey Romance. Canadian Author. I adore this whole series! Seriously, it’s the best.

One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

Contemporary. Plus Size Heroine. Reality TV Romance. This one was entertaining and inspiring! Read my review here.

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Leave your summer book recommendations in the comments! I’m always looking for my next read!

August Book Recommendation

Well…it’s the middle of August. One sprained ankle and one bout of Covid later, I’m feeling almost myself again. On the bright side, the flowers are blooming, farmers’ markets are full of fresh produce, and the evenings are getting shorter. Perfect for sitting around the fire pit.

If you’re a fan of the Bachelorette, this book is for you. Even if you, like me, have never watch a single episode you might want to give it a chance. I’m not generally a fan of rom-coms. Or first person-point-of-view. But I really enjoyed this book.

One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London is full of heart with an intriguing cast of characters. If I’m being brutally honest, I can’t say as I ‘fell’ for any of the men, but I did fall for Bea Schumacher, a plus-size fashion blogger. I’ll pick up almost any book featuring a true plus-size heroine. Especially one who knows her own mind and who isn’t trying to lose weight. Hopefully, that trope is gone for good! Bea’s relationships with the men are messy, inspirational and vulnerable, and the author does an excellent job of debunking harmful and hurtful stereotypes.

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Give me all your plus-size heroine/hero book recommendations, please!