Letting Go Of Summer

TKAM Quote2

So…two things.

1. Either Harper Lee was comfortable existing with very little…or that was one hell of a friend.

2. It suggests that To Kill A Mockingbird was a story she’d been thinking about for a long time. An opportunity presented itself and she took it. Because To Kill A Mockingbird was meant to be written and shared and loved. Yep! Indulging in a fangirl moment.

I’m thinking of my favorite book today. Probably because summer and the ending of the season usually make me think of TKAM. Even though I love autumn, the older I get the tougher time I have letting go of summer. This also might have something to do with our Canadian winters seeming harsher the older I get.






If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. ~Bern Williams

Enjoy the last days of summer. Read that last book outside, take that last camping trip, toast that last s’more. Until next year. Now the gathering starts. The organizing. The settling in.


6 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Summer

  1. Down right cold here yesterday and overnight, Karyn – sad to see summer go 🙁 But I’m with you on the ‘renewal’ that seems to come with September – I guess I’ll always consider the fall as the ‘real’ start to the year ahead!! Time to enjoy the last summer rays, but start hunting for those warmer sweaters and fleecy pajamas!!!

    Great pics, BTW!!

  2. Awesome pics, Karyn. Great story about Harper Lee. I didn’t know that. Wow, her friend must’ve really wanted her to write that book. Thank goodness. =o)

    Here’s to a nice end of summer for you and an easy winter (if that’s even possible where you are). :hugs:

  3. The older I get the longer the winters seem to be. Last winter was a doozie!

    Today was such a beautiful warm day it could almost make you believe that summer forgot to go away. But we both know what’s coming. Take care!

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